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Reverse Seared Steak

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

The concept of reverse searing a steak is pretty simple. You are cooking the steak slowly so that the internal temperature is reached without using high heat. This preserves the juices and gives you the most tender, moist, and flavorful steak. Once the steak is close to your ideal temperature, you finish it off with high heat in a pan to give you a great crust. Since its already cooked, the searing process is very quick. I will be using a Recteq pellet grill and a Grillgrate sear kit for this recipe.



Steak of your choice

Salt & Pepper or your favorite steak seasoning

Oil of your choice

Lets get cooking

1. Get your oven or grill set to a low temperature - 250 degrees. Pull out your steak and let it get to room temperature, you can season it now or you can wait until its finished. If you season it now, it will allow the salt to penetrate the meat and sweat it out a little, which will help with the final crust when you sear it off.

For this recipe, I used my favorite cut: Ribeye!

2. Once the oven is preheated, place the steak on a cookie sheet with an oven safe cooling rack or just directly on the sheet. You can also put the steak in a cast iron pan or oven safe saute pan.

3. Let the steak cook slowly for 20-30 minutes. If you have a temperature probe, you want to follow these guides to determine when to pull the steak out.

Temperature Guide

Rare: 120-130F (pull at 110-115F)

Medium Rare: 130-135F (pull at 115-120F)

Medium: 135-140F (pull at 120-125F)

Medium Well: 140-145F (pull at 125-130F)

Well: 145-155F (pull at 130-135F)

The purpose is to pull it out BEFORE it reaches the ideal internal temperature. This is because the searing process will introduce high heat and cook the steak more, at which point it will get to the desired temperature for eating.

4. Once the steak reaches the temperature above, pull it out and let it rest. Tint the steak loosely with a piece of foil as you prepare for searing. It may not look pretty, but it is beautiful on the inside...and just needs a final touch of searing for steakhouse quality dining.

5. Using a cast iron or carbon steel pan, crank up the pan to high on your stove. If you are using a grill, turn it up to full heat or 550 degrees. Pat the steak with some oil and also in the pan (enough to fully coat the bottom) and place the steak in the pan once the oil starts to shimmer.

6. Let the steak sear untouched for at least 1 minute and lift a corner to check that its browning well. If it is well crusted, turn it over for another minute. If you are using your grill, you would place the steak once the grates are very hot and starting to smoke and follow the same process. To get perfect sear marks, rotate the steak 45 degrees and put them in a new spot on the grill where its hot. Flip after another 45 seconds and repeat.

7. Since the steak was already rested, you can dive straight in and eat it or let it rest for another 5 minutes. Season the steak while its resting if you haven't done this in the beginning.


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