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Meet the Team

Benson Kurian


Chief Eating Officer and President of Flavor

I started this idea with the desire to teach others how to cook. More importantly, how to make it fun and easy so you spend less time cooking and more time with family and the other important things in life.

Ana Kurian


Chief Marketing Officer and Camerawoman

Ana is always the go to person and is the backbone of this team. Her insight, drive, and motivation help keep us moving forward to achieve our goals. She also happens to be the best wife ever :)

Sophie Kurian


Chief Customer Officer and Director of Culinary Innovation

Sophie brings a level of entertainment like no other to this team. She’s a sweetheart on and off the camera. Her pastimes are making & eating pizza, riding on her toy motorcycle, and playing with her little brother.

Cassian Kurian


Chief Adorable Officer and Executive Food Taster

Cassian is our brand ambassador, bringing chubby cheeks and cute gibberish to the world. He eats everything and anything. When he isn’t hustling, he enjoys finding tiny objects to eat, tearing things apart, and throwing things in the toilet.

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