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Brandy Peppercorn Steak Sauce

Updated: May 25, 2021

Steaks are great aren't they? They usually don't need anything else but some salt, pepper, and a kiss of flame. With more bland cuts of steak like Filet Mignon, or just to up your culinary game, this sauce will make your steak NEXT LEVEL. Also, if you accidentally overcooked your steak, this is a good way to add moisture back in without anyone knowing. You can also easily put this on top of some chicken breast and its just as fancy looking!

This recipe uses mushrooms, but you can easily not include those if they are not your cup of tea and the flavor will not change a bit. You can easily make this while your steak is resting, that way you can use the juices that came out of the steak in the sauce for a deeper flavor.



2-3 Garlic Cloves (I used roasted garlic)

1 tsp Salt

2-3 tsp Coarse Pepper or whole peppercorns (taste as you go past 2 Tsp to not overwhelm the flavor)

1/4 Cup Brandy

1/2 Cup Heavy Cream (or Milk works also - cook it down 1-2 minutes to thicken the sauce)

Olive Oil

Optional: Juice from the steak if you have any drippings while it was resting

Optional: Diced Mushrooms


Lets Get Cooking

1. Cut the garlic cloves into a fine dice, or grate them into a pan with a splash of oil on medium low heat. I used roasted garlic in this version which adds a more mellow, sweet flavor.

2. Next grind the peppercorns using the medium or biggest size setting, or use whole. *Whole peppercorns are best when you have the multi colored variety, which are less potent in flavor.

3. Taking the pan away from the flame, add the brandy, then gently add it back so it doesn't catch fire! If it does, its ok, just don't put your hands near the top of the pan because alcohol flames are almost invisible so be careful.

4. Add the heavy cream (you can also use milk which turns out great also) and the salt.

5. Cook the sauce down for a minute and add the steak juices now if you have them. Taste the sauce to make sure there is enough peppercorn flavor and salt. If there is too much of any of those, just add more milk/cream 1-2 Tb at a time.

6. I like to cut the steak first, and then pour the sauce over (normally you would do this once the steak is on the plate).


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