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GrillGrate Brand Grill Grate Review

Updated: May 25, 2021

GrillGrate makes a specific style of grill grate made of anodized aluminum and fits most major brands of grills and pellet smokers. The grates can either replace your grates or be placed on top of existing grates. They are a staple in the steak competition circuits and are gaining popularity in households for being able to easily create that signature sear mark crosshatching you expect to see at fine dining establishments.

They have flat grates that are tall so that there is plenty of space between the grate and the food. This reduces flare ups and helps create a smoky taste as the fat and juices hit the hot grate floor. Each piece locks into each other through grooves on the edge so they will not separate on the grill and keep a strong hold. They are well built, have solid aluminum construction, and a smooth surface.

What is great about these grates, besides the excellent sear marks they provide, is that you can flip them over and use the flat side as a flat griddle for searing burgers!

The only downside to these grates is that it is more difficult to clean between the grates because of how deep they are, and the edges are pretty sharp so be careful there as well.

Whats Included:


Spatula that fits between the grates to lift the food perfectly

+ Solid aluminum construction

+ Conducts heat extremely well

+ Has multiple uses - standard sear and flat griddle style searing

- Harder to clean between the grates

- Sharp edges

Sample of what it can do:

Verdict: GrillGrate gets a Thumbs Up!

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