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Recteq RT-340 Trailblazer Pellet Grill Review (RecTec)

Updated: May 25, 2021

Reteq (formerly known as Rec Tec Grills) is an up and coming brand of grill makers. They have started expanding into a lifestyle brand making all sorts of product with the customer in mind. I spent months looking at different brands before deciding to buy this grill. They have several sizes depending on your budget, from the RT-340 to the RT-700 "The Bull" being their flagship, and commercial sized pellet grills. Each number represents the amount of actual usable square feet each grill. Check out my other product reviews and reviews of rubs and seasonings.

The grill arrived via UPS ground and in good condition. It was packed well and mostly assembled. The remaining steps can be assembled within 15 minutes.

It includes a drip bucket, hopper is on the left and holds 20lbs of any brand of wood pellet. The legs fold closed for transport and have sturdy SS handles on each side and on the top of the grill.

I purchased an additional set of vent covers in the back, they are otherwise just cut-outs to let out the smoke, so no chimney on this one or the RT-590.

This and all of their grills increase/decrease in temperature via the controller by increments of 5 degrees, and goes up to 550 degrees. The highest setting is the full setting so it can go 550+

The lid is held up by 2 sturdy hinges and 2 stoppers hold them up in place.

Grill includes a small bottom shelf with the logo and has open grates to let out any standing water.

This grill did have a dent on the bottom shelf from shipping. I contacted customer service and they shipped out a brand new one within the same day. They also compensated for the damage with a free product. THAT is top notch customer service.

Wifi Controlled Grill connects via the Recteq App. This allows you to turn on/off the grill, adjust the temperature, and set specific setpoints on each probe which will alert you when it's reaching temp.

The included temperature probes do a great job of tracking temperature and puts it into a nice clean chart.

The grill can fit a full packer brisket up to 20 lbs (but not much room for anything else)

+ Solid 304 Stainless Steel construction

+ Wifi controlled grill included on every grill they make

+ Maintains and holds temperature within +/- 5 degrees - We had a very windy storm come through and it maintained temperature the whole time

+ Robust app which can turn on your grill anywhere in the world, adjust temperature and graphs the temperature over time

+ Excellent customer service - you can contact via phone, email, Facebook Messenger

+ Gets to 550+ degrees

+ All seams are sealed with high temperature silicon including the hopper

+ This model has wheels and legs that fold for tailgating and camping

+ Can run off an inverter

+ They are stunning to look at :)

- Somewhat expensive compared to the big box brands like Traeger and Pitboss

- No ash cleanout system or sliding 2nd shelf option

- Smoke leaks everywhere (they don't recommend using gaskets to allow for airflow)

- The stainless steel gets dirty quickly

Verdict: Recteq RT-340 Trailblazer gets a Thumbs Up!

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